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Welcome To My Catherine Zeta Jones Home Page
This Page is dedicated to the best actress in Hollywood Catherine Zeta Jones. She is a great actess as well as beautiful. She is of British decent and her most famous movie is Entrapment which she starred with Sean Connery.This is my feeble attempt to do justice to the
incredible talents of
Miss Catherine Zeta Jones.
With great beauty -- and talent beyond belief,
Catherine Zeta Jones is surely destined to be
one of the premiere actresses of our time.

So please come in... take a look around and enjoy your stay. There is much to learn about this amazing woman.
Catherine News
JANUARY 9, 2001

Awards have just been handed out and Traffic is a winner. Winning Best Picture, as well as a Best Director award for Steven Soderbergh, Traffic is well on it's way in only it's first week of national release. ** thanks to "film buff"**

As of January 5, 2001, Catherine's newest movie endeavor, Traffic is open nationwide. For those of you lucky enough to live in New York or Los Angeles, it opened up at limited theatres on December 27th. For now, there have been tons of interviews with Catherine and Michael on various interview shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and E!. The trailor for the movie is running, so you should be able to catch that at a theatre near you, as well as a movie poster, in which Catherine is prominently displayed. The Official site for Traffic has some great perks. You can read interviews with the cast, see the full length trailor and much more. Check it out now by clicking on the above link.

Catherine and Traffic has been nominated for 5 Golden Globe Awards. Catherine is up for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

There is much to see with Catherine on television at present time. A whole round of Traffic publicity has now began. Check out the Catherine TV News for more info for what shows you can find Catherine appearing on

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How I was introduced to her
Like many people in America, I was introduced to Catherine Zeta Jones through her
work in The Mask Of Zorro. I never actually saw this movie until just recently though.
I can remember seeing the previews for it and thinking how astonishing
beautiful CZJ was.
But it wasn't until her role as Gin Baker in Entrapment that I finally saw Catherine
work her magic onscreen.
From the moment that she appeared I was completely entranced. I came to realize
just how magnificent this woman truly was onscreen -- and I found myself wishing I
had seen The Mask Of Zorro. I wanted to know more.... I wanted to know
all I possibly could... So the night after I saw Entrapment, I came online and researched everything I could about her.

The next day I bought The Mask Of Zorro, Splitting Heirs and The Phantom,
and well, the rest is history!

Well at least the rest wound up here in this website...
This is my way of thanking Catherine for giving me such great joy
in watching her, and learning about her. She is a strong willed,
good-spirited person who isn't afraid of the world ahead of
her. Catherine has it all -- talent, beauty, intelligence, humor
and an aura that only the greats have possessed. She will definitely
be around for a long, long time to come!

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The gorgeous Cat.
Here she is looking as good as ever